Format of the Assembly Symposium

  1. The format of the Assembly  Symposium is “Zoom Webinar”.

  2. Presentation materials are controlled by presenting authors, NOT the APSR Secretariat.  It is presenting authors’ responsibilities to review “Instruction-for-Zoom-Panelists” sent by the APSR Secretariat before the Assembly Symposia.

  3. Presenting authors must join the Zoom Webinar at least 30 minutes before the starting time of the symposium. It is presenting authors’ personal responsibility to check their presentation contents, presentation slides and computer including sound and microphone beforehand.

Presentation Details

  1. A presentation duration is 7 minutes, plus 5 minutes for question & answer session (Questions are pre-submitted from registrants of the symposium or the symposium facilitators). There is NO EXCUSE for exceeding your allotted time. It is a discourtesy to your audience, the Session Chairs and the other speakers to take up more than your allotted time. Please make sure to adhere to the allotted presentation time.

  2. Number of slides for presentation must be 7 or LESS including a cover slide.
     - A cover slide is not must-be-included.
    - The disclosure slide (see 2-e) is not counted in 7 slides.

  3. The last slide must be a summary of the presentation.

  4.  Images and figures will be preferred more over Text in PPT.

  5. Presenting authors must put the Disclosure Slide sent by the APSR Secretariat into the first page of their presentation slides.

Registration of Presenting Authors

  1. All presenting authors of selected abstracts must register for the Assembly Symposia.  Registration form for panelists will be sent from the APSR Secretariat after the notification of the result.

  2. In case presenting authors fail to register for the Assembly Symposia or no reply to the acceptance email are subject to rejection without prior notification.


  1. Your presentation and presentation materials will be recorded and uploaded to the APSR members only-page on the APSR website later.

  2. Presenting authors must submit the Assembly Virtual Meeting Consent Form sent by the APSR Secretariat before the Assembly Symposium.

  3. All selected abstracts will be published in the abstract book (Respirology supplement).

  4. Presentation slides may be submitted to the APSR Secretariat in advance via email. chieko.omote@theapsr.org

  5. If the presenting author is unable to present their abstracts at a designated date due to an emergency, you will lose your opportunities for your presentation.

  6. A Certificate will be issued to presenting authors of selected abstracts.